You are really beautiful ,  if you never play with others feelings. 

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We never know worth of water till the well is dry.

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Happy Diwali….

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I can and I will. Watch me.

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What people really understand? 

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A Lovely story on prioritising the important. “Don’t wait for the parrot to die..”

​Don’t wait for the parrot to die

The story is told of a woman who bought a parrot to keep her company, but she returned it the next day.
This bird doesn’t talk, she told the owner.
Does he have a mirror in his cage? he asked. Parrots love mirrors. They see their reflection and start a conversation.
The woman bought a mirror and left. The next day she returned; the bird still wasn’t talking.
How about a ladder? Parrots love ladders.The happy parrot is a talkative parrot.”
The woman bought a ladder and left. But the next day, she was back. 
Does your parrot have a swing? No? Well, that’s the problem. Once he starts swinging, he’ll talk up a storm.
The woman reluctantly bought a swing and left.

When she walked into the store the next day, her countenance had changed.
The parrot died she said. 
The pet store owner was shocked.
I’m so sorry. Tell me, did he ever say anything?” he asked.
Yes, right before it died,

 the woman replied.
In a weak voice, it asked me, ‘Don’t they sell any food at that pet store?
Sometimes we forget what’s really important in life. We get so caught up in things that are good while neglecting the things that are truly necessary.
Take a moment to do a priority check and strive for what is most important today.

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A lovely story: Don’t try to Position yourself in Life. If you r doing your best then good things will come to you automatically, sooner or later..

​I attended a Party with a gathering of about 30 people and sat in the front row. 
A Lady started distributing snacks from the back and unfortunately, it didn’t get to us sitting at the front.
Another Lady started handing out  Drinks, from the front. But by then I had already moved to the Back. So the drink didn’t get to me.
I was irritated and stood up to  leave.
But then I saw three ladies each with A Big Bowl of fried chicken. This time, I tried to Be Wise by sitting at the Middle. One of the Ladies started the sharing from the Front, and the second Lady started distributing from the back. When they got to the middle where I was seated, it got over again! 
Feeling frustrated, I bent my head, putting my Face in My Hands.
But then the third Lady tapped me and held out her Bowl. 

I stretched out my Hand and guess what was in the Bowl?
Toothpicks !!!

Don’t try to Position yourself in Life. If you r doing your best then good things will come to you automatically, sooner or later.
*Otherwise You will Wrongfully position Yourself For Toothpicks Only

* !!!

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