Different Ways to Save Water


Shower consumes 100 litres.
Bucket consumes 18 litres..
Saving is 82 litres.

FLUSHING after toilet
Flush consumes 20 litres
Bucket consumes 6 litres
Saving is 14 litres.

Using running tap consumes 116 litres
Bucket consumes 36 litres
Saving is 80 litres.

Using running tap consumes 5 litres
Mug consumes 0.5 litres
Saving us 4.5 litres.

Using running tap consumes 5 litres
Closed tap or Bucket consumes 0.75 litres.
Saving is 4.25 litres

Using pipe consumes nearly 100 liters
Using bucket consumes nearly 30 litres
Saving is 70 litres.

Using pipe consumes 100 lites or even more in multiples
Sprinkler system consumes only 25/ 30 liters
Saving is 75 liters.

Please Use Bucket and you will find a notable difference.

Each family can save atleast 300 Liters of water per day with minor changes in life style.

Please Help Save Water.
Help Save Future.

Please pass this message till it reaches everyone in the world🙏🙏🙏



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