Enjoy Your Work !!

When you love what you do, you will not only excel but also feel fulfilled — it is a spiritual experience.

For most, the workplace is a source of livelihood. There are also many others who love what they do. They approach the workplace as something more than a source of income. They are completely and wholeheartedly involved with their work and, this in turn, kicks off a chain of positive results. Such people infuse their workplace with a lot of energy. In such a scenario, unresolved problems get solved like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. Such people ignite the workplace with their positive energy and their enthusiasm is infectious.

This spiritual approach to work extends to workplace relationships, too. A spiritually inclined individual keeps ego and emotions in control and looks at issues, detached. A spiritual approach to work need not mean timidity or silent suffering. Each situation might call for a different response. We must uphold basic human values at all times. Whatever the situation demands, you have to stand up for your rights and to the values you hold precious. Speaking up openly — to the person hurting you or to the boss, helps.


About Fighting Spirit

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