You don’t know what love is…

You simply see some beautiful face,
you see some beautiful body and you think,
“My God, I am in love!”

This love is not going to last, because
after two days, seeing the same face
for twenty-four hours a day, you will get bored.

The same body… you have explored the whole
topography; now there is nothing to explore…!!
Exploring the same geography again and again,
you feel like an idiot. What is the point?

This love affair, this love marriage
is failing, it has already failed…..

The reason is that you don’t know
how to wait so that love can happen…
You have to learn a meditative state of waiting.

Then love is not a passion, it is not a desire.
Then love is not sexual; then love is a feeling
of two hearts beating in the same rhythm.
It is not a question of beautiful faces or beautiful bodies.
It is something very deep, a question of harmony!*



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One Response to You don’t know what love is…

  1. facetfully says:

    Interesting…I posted about him today too!

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