Are We Suffering From Sheep Syndrome ?

Have you ever seen a flock of sheep. Experiments have shown that when such a flock is presented with a hurdle, the leader jumps over the hurdle and the rest of the sheep follow.

Sheep Syndrome

This seems reasonable right? Yes, until someone suddenly removes the hurdle. Then it becomes weird, because the sheep continue to jump as if the hurdle was still present! The rest of the sheep keep on jumping even when there is no apparent need to do so.

They’re like, “There has got to be a reason for this jump, because the one ahead of me just did it, so why bother finding out the reason.” :-/

Humans aren’t very different. We have seemingly picked up the Sheep Syndrome too!! We are fast learners, and we sometimes tend to learn the wrong things.

You can actually use this theory to explain a lot of things happening around you! This is a perfect explanation to all the superstitious beliefs we have in the name of religions. This theory also justifies monotonicity of a particular profession, for example Engineering in India.

Unfortunately most of us perceive like sheep, and sheep cannot survive, because they get slaughtered. Guess what! Ironically, the most valuable skill a human can have is not behaving like sheep! Funny, isn’t it?


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