My tribute to my Maggi

I am very sorry my Maggi that you are trapped in a scandal in a country where getting something extra or free is always desired. Still government couldn’t understand you have also given something extra “Lead” which is something not good for health. Oh somewhere where u get nothing good for our health. 

Within last 30 years you are a famous household name and an important part of every kitchen. It has been favourite item for children, their parents and all family members. It had been food for bachelors. I feel noone can resist Maggi.

Just not able to find who noticed lead in maggi and could not find KHOKHA’s (Cigarettes shops) all across the cities. To my knowledge cigarettes must be more dangerous for smokers and people around them. It never took more than two minutes to prepare from last 30 years. 
It was best snacks at Indian hill stations, I can’t imagine a tour to hill station without enjoying Maggi at mountains. Our mothers used to switch our mood by making Maggi. It is part our culture. 

It is quite surprising to rule out any product from market without any warnings. Now you are banned and we pray for your better version to keep us safe and healthy.
Maggi we miss you and will love to c u back on shelves in stores. Just keep that lead away from you.


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2 Responses to My tribute to my Maggi

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Nothing says getting your daily share of vitamins and minerals like Lead in your soup…

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  2. anandkumarrs says:

    Good post. While on this please read my post on the Maggi tangle – “Shuddh Desi Maggi!!!”
    Feedback most welcome.


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