Let the Nonsense Begin!!

Let the Nonsense Begin ~ Michael Cupo

When certain situations occur in life that trigger conditioned mind agitations, if discipline hasn’t been developed so one can remain at peace, it will be time to “let the nonsense begin”

When things don’t go the way that they’re wanted, it’s the noise in the head that directs one’s energy to a place of agitation and hence “let the nonsense begin” This is what the core energy of the Conditioned Mind produces; nonsense. When things go as wanted the mind deems life as okay and the nonsense is lessened to a degree, but when they don’t, it’s at this point that the nonsense begins. This is such an immature way of responding to life occurrences, but this is the tool that many have developed to use as a coping skill. It’s no wonder as a society were in the way that we are.

The Conditioned Mind is what makes people want life to be in some other way and when it isn’t, POW “let the nonsense begin” This nonsense uses excuses to justified all kinds of self-serving behavior. Nonsense is the normal energy of the Conditioned Mind. It knows nothing else. You may say, what about conditioning oneself to love, but love arises from stillness, not nonsense. So to me, if one wants to condition themselves to love, it still equates to a doing and not being. When one is still and can just be, the Universe provides our love. The bible says “Be Still” it’s doesn’t say read another book, do yoga, go to the gym, help others, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with these things, but they are a doing.

There is nothing one has to do to stop the nonsense. Be still and allow ones undisciplined mind to settle and become disciplined. When this occurs the mind settles and love naturally becomes its default setting, thus one’s behavior will manifest in the form of mature responses to life occurrences that are based in love, regardless if what occurs is wanted or not. So one has a choice to either “let the nonsense begin” and be controlled by the Conditioned Mind or not and allow love to become the default setting of one’s mind. Choose wisely though because this choice affects not only the individual, but it also affects our entire planet.

Michael Cupo is an author of the book ” It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.”
The way he sees his life can be an inspiration for all of us. Love is what he worships and being happy is his way of living.


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