A flower does not think of competing to the other flower next to it. It just blooms.



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31 Responses to A flower does not think of competing to the other flower next to it. It just blooms.

  1. JoAnn Chateau says:

    Love it! Do you know who said this?

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  2. balasamson says:

    Anubrat: Thanks for your appreciation for the post ‘Prepared heart!’ Your posting on ‘blooming of flowers’ is lovely!


  3. creekrose says:

    reminds me of rumi’s

    “And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,

    ‘You owe me’.

    Look what happens with love like that.

    It lights up the sky.”

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  4. The more I think of this, the more I think of this, the more I’m mesmerized by a Creator who loved so much to purpose me. I get myself in a tangle with this brain of mine.


  5. Extraordinary words! Thanks for sharing

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  6. thia licona says:

    O yeah! You so full of ‘kindness’ and ‘love’ and ‘smiles’ is like a thick syrup that can give stomach ache to anyone that lives in real higher life! Yeah! I am full of all of that until you come and mess up my kitchen and see if I don’t give a dose of kindness with a frying pan in my hand! Be genuine! And you don’t have to go around like a smiling robot! Genuine! Automatically all those things flow without any efforts of your own! O man! You all beginning to get in my nerves with all this kind of talk! And BTW take an account of your own selves and leave this world alone because this is not our home and it is destined for destruction! Live and learn! But, still, I’ll love you until eternity! Yes! I love you and that’s not snow! 🙂


    • Do whatever you want with bit of love and kindness…. thanks for your love.


      • thia licona says:

        I know that I sound rough & mean but, remember the thorns of life come along the most beautiful flowers. And thanks for the suggestion to do everything with kindness so, it is with kindness that I write truth at the expense of my kindness reputation. Years plus years of kindness almost literally kill me both physically & spiritual because of living in the power of my mind & heart! So, now I aim to warn others of the pitfalls from living in our natural minds & hearts. 🙂

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      • thia licona says:

        BTW if I have offended you, let me tell you about a short incident that devastated me when a person that I had considered to be way up there next to God told me, “nothing is wrong with your theology! You are just self-centered and I have no time to see you!”
        Such email was received when I was anticipating a great encounter with this sister and it nearly, no, not nearly but, totally destroyed my ego! I wanted to die or fade away! I closed my comp and I exclaimed up high: “I am not writing one more word! I quit!” Then I threw myself on the bed and began to sob! … Glorious things happened since that moment when my ego was shattered to pieces! So, if you all care to continue following me, I can assure you that our Father will use my testimony to make your blog a source to disperse real & genuine love instead of what it is now! Read the Chapter of love carefully and let the Spirit enlighten you of my meaning. Love, thia 🙂

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      • What we see is a lovely thia with a beautiful, kind heart. I understand she may be annoyed due to some irresistable happening. But we must always recognise our strength over any problem. Your problem has to vanish with time. Dont let anyone take your peace of mind. Dont try to judge everyone with same eye. If you see people with love you will feel love from everyone in a day or two…. Thanks for sharing your story.


      • thia licona says:

        Well, ain’t you something? I also see in you a super lovely young lady, no kidding, plus I see much wisdom in your response. But no, I am not judging anyone really and at the present moment I am writing to you, because it is of vital importance to reach your beautiful hearts and keep you from the pitfalls that our carnal nature–however good that nature can be, our carnal nature is no good and we all, young and old have to come to understand that matter. Just hold on to your horses and wait with much anticipation for my next post to soften the blow of my previous post! lol! But seriously, no, not all is at it seems to be. Thus, just because I arise to the occasion when my patience button is pushed, does not mean that my peace has ceased to be–on the contrary–because my peace is permanent I can afford to respond assertively! Ha Ha HalleluYah! So glad that you still with ‘lovely’ me! 🙂

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      • Thanks for sharing your experience, just to say i am a male engaged in seeing the beauty of world.


      • thia licona says:

        oops! That’s me! Half seeing that I am! lol the original picture shows a young — fresh and reflective young man that stole my heart because you remind me of one of my beloved grandsons. But then, I did not see that picture anymore and the pic in your replies at first sight seemed to be a young lady. So just like wacky me–I assumed there were more than one of you! Never assume anything! ha ha! In the next moment I will probable forget my advise and go on assuming whatever my wild imagination prompts me to assume? Ah! pay no mind –scratch that! duh! Anyhow, for my sake and the sake of any half seeing 75s that could come across you, use the other picture! love u! 🙂

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  7. thia licona says:

    Ah! I got excited and forgot to thank you for liking my last post, https://thiabasilialicona.wordpress.com/

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  8. Hi, thank you for reading my blog. My husband has written a book called ” One act of Kindness”. Available on Amazon. God Bless.

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  9. reocochran says:

    Great and wise words.

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  10. Dorothy says:

    the quote is so amazing and inspiring I like it.


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