Everything depends on your perception.



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4 Responses to Everything depends on your perception.

  1. So true. More people should look on the bright side, and their world will become a brighter place.


  2. Reblogged this on Travelin the Countryside Being Kind and commented:
    More people need to think about what this statement truly means.


  3. Growing up, how many times did I listen to, dance to, sing the song Freebird by Lynard Skynard. Thinking, feeling I was free as a bird, all the while a slave, prisoner to this body. Led around by the nose on a very short chain by its momentary whims, isn’t freedom.
    Little did I know, self gratification comes at a price. Selfishness is its name, and it lives in a heart that feels small, alone, unloved.
    True freedom is a by-product of a heart that truly loves. Seeing more than just me in my thoughts, words and deeds enables me to see you. The world I behold is kinder, because I was kinder first.
    So dance and sing all you like, to freedom. But remember, real freedom is so much more than just a song.


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